Divorces can be emotional drudgery, a gut-wrenching process, not to mention endless paperwork. Dividing assets, settling debts, and figuring out futures can seem like an infinite progression. Preparation is the key, and it especially helps when legal experts offer a nine-point checklist to follow.

The Manhattan family law attorneys at Randi L. Karmel, PLLC have a wealth of experience advocating for their clients. They have the knowledge to handle complex property division cases. Whether it is developing pre-and post-nuptial agreements, separation, or divorces, they will be beside you all the way through.

The Nine Steps

The road to divorce can have many twists and turns, but when that road ends, it is important to know where you came from and where you are going. Here are nine ways, compiled by experts, to give you direction while going down the road to divorce.

  1. Find a responsible divorce attorney: A responsible attorney will typically recommend mediation over litigation possible. Also, some lawyers may refuse your case if you:
    • Cannot pay an attorney
    • Lie about your case
    • Do not have a strong enough case for litigation
  2. Gather financial information: Determine what you own and what you owe. Some assets are divided equitably (marital home, financial accounts, vehicles). Other assets may need more documentation to determine ownership (Belongings brought into the marriage, artwork, inheritances, pension plans). And as far as debt goes, it does not matter whose name is on it, it will be split based on who is financially able to pay.
  3. Determine all income: Document your and your spouse’s incomes, including tax returns.
  4. Have an after-divorce budget: Revise your expenses to determine your options for the divorce settlement.
  5. Establish your own credit: If nothing is in your name, establish some credit, maybe open a credit card in your name only. Use it carefully and do not run up debt.
  6. Protect financial accounts: It is better to be safe than sorry. Divorce can elicit angry responses. Open financial accounts in your name only, take half of the funds in your joint accounts, and deposit them in your new account.
  7. Close joint credit accounts: Again, be safe. Pay credit lines on time and stay away from negative credit reports, even if you pay the minimum.
  8. Do not move: If there is no abuse, stay in the marital home. You want to keep equal stakes in the house’s mortgage, and you do not want to impact the children’s schooling.
  9. Behave yourself: Use your best behavior. Do not date, party, or compromise your situation in any way that may be seen as questionable.

When Should I Contact A Lawyer?

Whether you have questions about your marriage, or you are going through a divorce, you can turn to the Manhattan family law attorneys at Randi L. Karmel, PLLC for help. With a thorough knowledge, extensive experience, and your best interests in mind, Attorney Randi Karmel can guide you through both matrimonial and divorce issues and help you decide the best way to move forward with your future.

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