Sometimes a marriage does not work out, and you realize you have gotten to the end. Your next option is divorce, but you have no idea what to do or navigate the process. This is where a New York spousal support attorney comes into play. we will be able to navigate the legal process on your behalf and find the best solution for you. Spousal support may be one of the routes you will want to take. This is when one spouse pays another spouse an agreed-upon amount each month for a certain time.

How is Support Determined?

Spousal support is not a punishment for either spouse and is meant to help one spouse get on their feet and maintain a similar lifestyle as the one they had during the marriage. This occurs when one party is at a disadvantage to another one. It may have been that while one spouse was heavily invested in their job, the other spouse offered different non-financial contributions to the household and marriage, such as raising the children and caring for the home. Due to this, they may not have had the same financial contributions and backing needed to begin a new chapter after a divorce. Some of the factors that the court will take into account include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Occupation and income sources for both parties
  • Children and their care during the marriage
  • Potential future income of both parties
  • Assets and debt acquired during the marriage
  • The health of each apathy, including mental, physical, and age
  • Conduct of each party during the marriage

There may be other relevant factors that the court may take into account when determining spousal support. It is important to have a New York City spousal support attorney on your side to ensure you get the best outcome for your circumstances.

Kinds of Spousal Support

There are four main kinds of spousal support available in New York including:

  • Temporary: This is meant to help during the divorce, and it will end when the divorce is finalized. Then the judge will determine the final order of support that will go into effect.
  • Permanent: When spousal support is permanent, it does not end until the receiving spouse remarries or dies.
  • Restitution: This is a temporary form of support that provides financial support while the other spouse undergoes vocational training or education.
  • Rehabilitative: Temporary support offered while the other spouse regains financial stability.

Each of these has a different purpose after a divorce, and while one option may not work for you, there may be another one that does. You may need to modify or adjust the support in many of these instances as circumstances change. Consult with a New York City spousal support attorney to find the best option for you.

Contact a New York City Spousal Support Attorney

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