Child Custody

The welfare and health of children whose parents are divorcing, separating, or never lived together, is a paramount concern for all. Courts are particularly attuned to issues regarding the youngest and most vulnerable among us, and even in contentious situations, we will work to provide for the best possible circumstances for your child(ren). Randi L. Karmel not only represents adults but also is certified in the First Judicial Department in the State of New York to represent children which gives her a unique perspective in these situations. Let us help with your child custody case in New York City. We handle cases in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

What are your child custody options in New York?

Options include sole and joint custody arrangements, often explained as a parent who has primary residential time with a child(ren) or joint residential partnering time. The term “custody” also refers to decision-making. Whereby, parents can be aware of sole decision making, final decision making after consultation with the other parent, or joint decision making. Sometimes with a process by which to make such a decision, including the use of mediators, experts, or parent coordinators. It is crucial to find workable solutions to what may seem burdensome or needlessly complicated now – where will the children spend their weekends, holidays, summers?

The family court system in New York will take various factors into consideration when working to determine custody decisions. These factors can include:

    • The history of each parent’s relationship with their children
    • Issues related to a child’s health, education, safety, and general welfare
    • An evaluation of the current status quo custody arrangement
    • Any evidence of abuse or neglect

Child custody can become complicated because both physical custody and legal custody need to be determined.

  • Physical custody refers to where a child will actually reside.
  • Legal custody refers to which parent(s) get to make major decisions about their child’s welfare, including their religious upbringing, education, health care, etc.

To find the best solution for these types of custody, we also need to point out that custody arrangements can be either shared (joint custody) or shared by one parent (sole custody). Parents can share both physical and legal custody, or custody arrangements could differ.

For example, parents could share legal custody while only one parent has physical custody of the child. Conversely, parents could share physical custody while only one parent has legal custody. These complex issues must be worked out between both parties and their attorneys.

Additionally, a visitation schedule will need to be arranged for a parent who does not have physical custody. Visitation schedules are a way for non-custodial parents to remain a part of their child’s life.

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