Determining who should have custody of children is often one of the most challenging elements of a divorce case. When both parents believe they should have custody, it’s natural for tempers to flare and emotions to be stirred up.

It’s also essential to enlist the help of a qualified attorney to represent you when decisions are being made about custody. Although this may be an emotional time, Manhattan child custody attorney Randi L. Karmel, PLLC can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are being properly represented.

Understanding Child Custody in Manhattan

A parent who has custody of their children will not only be the parent with whom their children live most of the time after two parents get a divorce. There are two types of custody in New York: physical and legal.

Having physical custody involves residing with a child. Having legal custody involves having the right to make critical decisions about how a child is raised in general. In New York, one parent may have sole custody, meaning they are the only parent with the legal right to make these decisions about a child’s upbringing, or parents may have joint custody, in which case they would both be actively involved in raising a child. Certain custody arrangements also result in both parents sharing physical custody of their children, meaning the children will essentially split their time between both parents.

Some parents are able to agree with one another regarding custody arrangements when getting a divorce. However, it’s not uncommon for parents to disagree about who should have custody after their divorce is finalized.

Courts account for several factors when making decisions about who gets custody of children. They include the following:

  • The nature of a child’s relationships with both parents
  • Whether there is reason to believe a parent is abusive or unfit to raise their child in a healthy and safe environment
  • The current custody arrangement
  • The child’s overall welfare

The goal of the court is to arrive at a custody arrangement that best serves the needs of the child. That said, except in circumstances when it is clear that one parent is much more fit to raise and live with their children, assessing what qualifies as best for a child’s needs is often a very complex process.

That’s why it’s essential to coordinate with a Manhattan child custody law firm if you are getting a divorce and you and your spouse disagree about custody arrangements. A lawyer who specializes in Manhattan child custody cases will ensure your rights are protected.

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While managing disagreements regarding child custody during the divorce process can be overwhelming, the best step you can take now for both you and your children is to hire a Manhattan child custody attorney who can demonstrate to the court why your preferred custody arrangement would be the one that’s ideal for everyone involved. To learn more about what Randi L. Karmel, PLLC can do for you, contact our offices online today or call us at (212) 755-0224.