Statistics indicate about half of all marriages now end in divorce. When you first marry someone, you may not like to think about the prospect of separating in the future, but it is a possibility.

You will need representation from an attorney who can protect you from being taken advantage of if you and your spouse ever choose to divorce one another. Manhattan divorce attorney Randi L. Karmel, PLLC specializes in handling these matters. Along with providing sound legal representation, she treats clients with sensitivity and compassion as they go through an experience that can often be stressful.

Issues a Manhattan Divorce Attorney Can Help You Address

Again, when you marry someone, you legally join both your lives in many ways. That means getting a divorce involves legally separating your lives, which can thus involve such issues as the following:

  • Child custody: Determining who should have custody of your minor children if you and your spouse divorce one another can be among the most complex and emotionally-fraught elements of the process. You need to ensure you have strong representation from a Manhattan divorce attorney to improve your chances of arriving at a custody arrangement that is genuinely fair.
  • Child support: Even if you get custody of your children, you might need financial support from your ex to provide for them. Or, you may not be granted custody, but have reason to fear you will be ordered to pay more in child support than is appropriate given the financial circumstances of you and your spouse. In either case, a Manhattan divorce lawyer can also assist you with this issue.
  • Property division: Unless you signed a prenuptial agreement protecting some of your property, essentially, when you’re married to someone, your property becomes theirs, and theirs yours. During a divorce, you will have to determine how that property should be separated. This can be a very complex process that should involve guidance from a qualified legal expert. Along with helping you keep the property you may deserve, your lawyer can minimize your chances of taking on your spouse’s debt.
  • Order of protection and restraining orders: In some instances, an individual divorcing their spouse will have reason to feel they need protection from them. This is yet another difficult aspect of the divorce process that becomes less emotionally burdensome on those involved when a strong lawyer handles the case.

Divorce is not necessarily an easy experience in many instances. But, it can be much less overwhelming than you fear if you coordinate with a Manhattan divorce attorney. They will offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are being represented fairly throughout the above processes.

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