Arguments and disputes are common throughout the divorce process. This does not mean they need to make your divorce experience more overwhelming than it has to be.

 Mediation can simplify the process of coming to agreements on key issues with your spouse when you are divorcing one another. Manhattan mediation attorney Randi L. Karmel, PLLC has helped numerous couples minimize the stress of getting a divorce by helping them work through various common challenges.

How a Manhattan Mediation Attorney Can Help You

There are many issues that must be addressed before a divorce can be finalized. It is not uncommon for two spouses who are divorcing each other to disagree on these issues.

 It is important to protect your rights. You don’t want to make unnecessary concessions in a divorce simply to speed up the process.

 That said, if you and your spouse are at an impasse in regard to an issue such as property division or child custody, you could end up dragging your divorce out longer than necessary. This will result in excessive stress for everyone involved.

 This does not need to happen. A skilled Manhattan mediation attorney can help both you and your soon-to-be ex come to mutually satisfactory agreements on certain matters without requiring you to make unreasonable sacrifices.

 The issues that you may address with the help of a Manhattan mediation attorney can vary depending on your specific circumstances and needs. Often, mediation involves addressing such topics as:

  • Property division: New York family courts strive to ensure that property is divided equally and fairly between two spouses who are getting a divorce. However, courts can make mistakes. It is in your best interests to protect your assets and property with the help of a lawyer.
  • Child custody: This can be one of the most contentious and emotionally-fraught sources of disagreement when two spouses are divorcing each other. A Manhattan mediation lawyer will help you navigate what may otherwise be a very complex situation.
  • Child support: New York family courts often order a spouse to provide financial support to ensure a child’s needs are met. Courts are usually more likely to make fair decisions regarding child support when experienced and qualified lawyers are involved. Through mediation, it may be possible for two spouses to come to an agreement regarding child support so that the court does not need to get involved at all.
  • Spousal support: Depending on the financial circumstances of two spouses, sometimes, courts determine it is necessary for one spouse to pay alimony to another once a divorce is finalized. Determining whether alimony is necessary, what type of alimony arrangement is appropriate, and how much money should be paid to the spouse receiving alimony requires accounting for numerous factors. This is another matter a Manhattan mediation lawyer can help two spouses address civilly.

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Getting a divorce does not need to be as stressful as you might expect. If you enter into a divorce thinking of it as a war, disputes that can be painful for both you and your spouse may be more likely to arise.

 On the other hand, if you consider the possibility that you and your spouse may be able to work together to come to agreements regarding certain issues, you might be able to finalize your divorce more quickly and comfortably than you expected. This will be easier to achieve if you have help from a professional who specializes in handling such matters.

 Manhattan mediation attorney Randi L. Karmel, PLLC, is prepared to guide you through virtually every step of your divorce. Learn more about how our firm can help by contacting us online or calling us at 212-755-0224 to schedule a consultation.