A divorce can be a challenging experience to navigate. This is particularly true when you and your spouse have children together. It’s critical that the child’s welfare is among the court’s top priorities in these circumstances. However, it’s also essential that the rights of both parents are considered when decisions about custody and visitation are made.

If you’re going through a divorce or your divorce is finalized, but issues or disagreements regarding visitation rights have developed, it’s vital that you have proper legal representation.

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Visitation Rights in New York City

Visitation and custody are not interchangeable terms in New York. Parties who can request visitation rights in NYC include the following:

  • Non-custodial parent: Even if a parent is not granted primary physical custody of their child, the court may decide it is still in the child’s best interests to regularly spend time with both parents.
  • Legal father: A father who never married the mother of his child may nevertheless be granted visitation rights if he completes certain steps that result in him being deemed a child’s legal father, such as signing an Acknowledgment of Paternity document. A New York City visitation law firm can help with these processes.
  • Some nonparents: Some individuals who are not parents of a child, such as siblings and grandparents, can request visitation rights.
  • Parents of Children Currently in Foster Care: Unless the court has terminated their parental rights, a parent whose child is currently in foster care may ask for visitation rights.

How a New York City Visitation Attorney Can Help You

The ways in which your NYC visitation lawyer assists you can depend on the specific nature of our case. The following are merely some of the more common and noteworthy services such an attorney may provide:

  • Enforcing the terms of a visitation agreement when another parent is defying them.
  • Assisting a parent who has full or primary custody of the children with amending, adjusting, or modifying a visitation schedule when necessary.
  • Ensuring grandparents and certain non-biological parents are not unfairly deprived of visitation rights.
  • Addressing the various challenges that may arise when a custodial parent wishes to relocate.

Those are just a few examples. You must remember that every case involving visitation rights can be somewhat unique. The best way to more thoroughly understand how an attorney can help you in these circumstances is to schedule a consultation.

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Cases involving visitation rights are complex and often fraught with emotion. To optimize your chances of arriving at a desirable outcome for yourself and your child, it is very wise to enlist the help of legal professionals who specialize in working with clients like yourself.

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